Bamboo Shelter (2017)

An Interactive Installation Based On Censorship & Privacy


  • Chi-Yun Tsou – Graphic Designer
  • Han Yu – Tech Developer

About This Project


Bamboo Shelter is an interactive installation based on internet and information censorship and giant-size internet companies (like F-word and G-word company) invaded on user privacy.

The installation installed in the final examination week. Any people can get inside to search information, or just “freestyle” play with our installation.

The Installation

We build a wood-house for the Bamboo Shelter to creating a closed space, and a webcam, a router and computer becomes the interactive part. At outside, we using a screen to show player’s action to spectators.

Graphic Design

What I Learned

  • Using Linux server to build a multi-platform webapp;
  • Webcam streaming to web server by Zoneminder and WebRTC;
  • Carpentry.